Caroline Treadwell (Lindsay) -- Caroline went to high school in upstate New York, where she drank one beer and hated it. She also managed to get through five years at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on just one "blue cup" of beer (on her 21st birthday, by coercion) despite having a roommate who paid rent in kegs. Then she went to graduate school at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, and had a scotch. It was all downhill from there. She went so far as to travel to the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland, and became an official member of the Scotch Whiskey Appreciation Society (in case you were wondering, she prefers lowland to highland, and is kind of perturbed by whatever it is they are doing on the islands over there). She has gone to school in Moscow, Russia and Hanoi, Viet Nam, and lived in New York and Los Angeles. Since moving to LA, she's stopped drinking and started driving. She is an actor and a writer, and is one-sixteenth Scottish. The thirsty part.

Laura Emanuel (Carly) -- Laura's drink of choice at Carnegie Mellon was Yuengling Lager. (Hey,she was in Pennsylvania and on a tight budget!) While studying and acting in Russia she kept herself warm by drinking the “gin and tonic in a can” that could be bought and drunk in the streets of Moscow (Yeah! No open container laws!) After moving to New York, she matured into enjoying vodka on the rocks and a nice red wine. Laura now lives in LA. Older, wiser, and wary of hangovers and extra calories, she currently drinks white wine spritzers and is fully aware of how lame that is.

Rebecca Lincoln (Brooke) -- Rebecca grew up in Rhode Island where her mother touted a glass of red wine as the cure for cramps and her father, rather than warning her about the dangers of drugs, offered to share his vast wisdom on the subject if she needed advice because he’d “done them all.” In high school her drinks of choice were fuzzy navels and mudslides (don’t try these in the same night, folks) and the night before taking her SAT’s she had her first experience with a bottle of tequila. After scoring wildly high marks despite the outrageous hangover she decided that all this talk about alcohol ruining your life was a bunch of crap and proceeded to drink her way through college at Northwestern and grad school at Carnegie Mellon. She then spent a few years in Florida, living across the street from Epcot so she could ‘drink around the world.’ After being brazenly dumped and publicly humiliated by an alcoholic ex-boyfriend (the lesson is: it can in fact ruin your life) she quit drinking for a year and attended a couple of AA meetings which taught her that since she could in fact stop whenever she wanted she was not an alcoholic! Now she is older and wiser and enjoys living in LA, wine tastings at Silverlake Wine, and the occasional shot of tequila.

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